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What to Expect

Comprehensive Suite of Services

Includes In-Person & Live Virtual Training, Speaking Engagements, 12-Week On-Demand Programs optimized to ensure results.

Team of Experts

With a track record of success in helping people from all walks of life and businesses of all industries achieve their goals.

Results-Driven Approach

To Adversity Academy optimized 3-D Method, using advanced personal & professional development analytics and tracking tools to drive exciting results.

Innovative and Competitive

Staying ahead of the curve by exploring new leadership tools, mindset training, technology tools/software, and strategies to remain competitive.

Personalized Support

Extensive consultation to successfully navigate personal & business adversities to make informed decisions.


Analysis and Reporting

Committed to transparency, exceptional service, and results at every stage of the training process.

Happy Clients

Years of Experience

Skilled Experts

Custom Solutions

Results Driven Bespoke Training Solutions

Choose Your Path and Unlock All Your Potential In Life & Business

We customize training to your specific needs through mindset courses, resilience courses, leadership courses, single or multi-day workshops, speaking, web-based training and strategic business advising and consulting.

On-demand Training Programs

Personal Development Program

12-Week Program w/Weekly Live Group Training

Professional Development Program

12-Week Program w/Weekly Live Group Training


Veterans Transition Program

12-Week Program w/Weekly Live Group Training

Business Training Solutions


The Adversity Academy one of the top leading providers of workshop services, offering engaging and informative sessions for both individuals and businesses. We are focused on knowledge sharing, skills development and practical applications. Our workshops are designed to empower participants with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives.


The Adversity Academy is a renowned provider of keynote speaking services, offering transformative, empowering and authentic presentations for individuals and businesses. We are focused on delivering powerful messages, valuable insights, and actionable takeaways. Our keynote speeches are designed to motivate, captivate and educate audiences.

Government and Corporate/Organizational Training Solutions


The Adversity Academy specializes in providing comprehensive advising services to both individuals and businesses. By leveraging our expertise and diverse team of experienced advisors, we aim to empower our clients to overcome challenges, maximize opportunities, and achieve their goals.

Advising Services:

  • Project Management

  • Human Resources

  • Risk Management

  • Government Contracting

  • Strategic Planning

  • Bookkeeping

  • Social Media

  • Marketing

  • Organization Development


The Adversity Academy institution that specializes in providing exceptional consulting services to individuals and businesses. With our team of experienced consultants and a deep understanding of various industries, we aim to deliver strategic solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and success.

Consulting Services:

  • Business Scaling & Acquisitions

  • Economic Systems

  • Marketing, Video/Photo & Content Creation

  • Financial Management

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Business Analytics

  • Information Systems & Security

  • Database Management

There is a certificate of completion available at the end each Adversity Academy Courses and Training that can be downloaded and printed. Feel free to hang on the wall or share your certificate with your boss, colleagues, family, and friends.

What You Will Gain and Takeaway

  • Elite Resilient Mindset:

Develop a resilient warrior mindset skill in your life and business

  • Extreme Leadership & Ownership:

Become the leader your desire, build empower others to solve problems and lead from the front

  • Hi-Level of Teamwork:

Work cross-functionally to accomplish the mission

  • Expert Organizational Skills:

Prioritize daily tasks as well as long-term strategic initiatives

  • Professional Networking Skills:

Build and maintain strong relationships

  • Removal of Doubt:

Eliminate all limiting beliefs and gain clarity in life and business

  • Clear Communication Skills:

Communicate effectively up, down, and across the chain of command

  • Impactful Influence:

Subordinate your ego in support of the broader mission

  • Tactical Simplicity:

Simplify plans and be more efficient

  • Quality Precision:

Make decisions amidst uncertainty and chaos


What Clients are Saying

I recently had the pleasure of reading Michael Allison’s book, “Overcoming Adversity: Getting Your Life Back on Track,” and I must say, it was a game-changer for me. Michael’s words of wisdom and guidance are truly inspiring, and his insights on how to overcome challenges and adversity in life are invaluable. The book is well-written, easy to read, and filled with practical tips and advice that anyone can apply to their own life.

Reggie Lewis

I cannot speak highly enough of the training programs offered by Adversity Academy. The trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping individuals overcome their obstacles. The courses are well-paced, interactive, and provide valuable insights that have reshaped my perspective on adversity. The resources, including the comprehensive books, have become my go-to references for personal development. Thanks to Adversity Academy, I now have the tools and mindset to face any challenge that comes my way. It’s been an empowering journey I would recommend to anyone seeking personal growth.

Samantha Roberts

Boston, Massachusetts

I am beyond grateful for the impact Adversity Academy has had on my life. The training outcomes have been nothing short of extraordinary. The programs have helped me break free from my self-imposed limitations and embrace a life filled with purpose and resilience. The trainers are exceptional, providing unwavering support and guidance throughout the process. The resources they offer, including the insightful books, have been instrumental in my growth journey. Adversity Academy is a beacon of hope and transformation for anyone looking to conquer their fears and live their best life.

Matthew Turner

Phoenix, Arizona

Michael Allison is an unselfish, transparent person with a heart for helping people overcome adversity. His book “Overcoming Adversity Getting Your Life Back On Track” details the many challenges Michael faced and overcame. In it he shares the method he developed for facing adversity head-on and prevailing. Michael walks the talk and has a true servants heart. Reading his book, hearing him speak, and better yet, having him as a mentor can dramatically positively change your life.

– Scott Barlass 

Michael Allison does a great job of chronicling the challenges and set backs that his family experienced during his childhood growing up in Jamaica. As a result of those setbacks as well as the triumphs, Michael has been able to navigating through the twists and turns of both his professional and personal journey. In addition, he has provided
his readers with a blueprint for success that will help them to taken on such challenges and setback whenever adversity rears its ugly head. It is obvious that his faith, family, and countless other indviduals as well and mentors have impacted him in ways that seems to continues to strengthen his resolve as he pursues new business opportunities in the future.

– Michael Moffitt

Hello everyone my name is Ava Reid and i just want to give a thank you to Michael for his amazing book called Overcoming Adversity getting your life back on track by Michael W. Allison this book was so good it helps me in so many ways. There was one quote that spoke to me from this book, and it was “Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves. “By Gandi when I see this quote in the book it reminded me that we can’t just change the world we also have to change ourselves and make that change in life that we want to see. In doing so we have to stop hurting one another and love each other and just be ourselves and just show who we are as a person. This book is amazing I also remanded you guys to check this book out it really good a lot of things in this book he spoke about in his book change the way I look at things in life now when I think about thing in life now, I know to always look at the positive things about life and not the negative things.

– Bianca Prince

Amazing stuff Brother! It is an honor to have served with you in Combat, and an able pure pleasure to read and find out so much life about the real you. Thank you for sharing your story with the world! You have inspired me in so many ways, from the Corps to our lives in the civilian world!

– Ryan Bruzek

Adversity Academy has been a true game-changer for me. The training programs have not only helped me overcome my self-limiting beliefs but have also equipped me with the necessary skills to thrive in the face of adversity. The courses are well-structured, engaging, and packed with practical exercises that have accelerated my personal growth. The resources provided, including the books, have become my constant companions on this transformative journey. Thank you, Michael Allison and the entire Adversity Academy team, for empowering me to conquer my challenges and embrace a life of limitless possibilities.

– Benjamin Mitchell


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