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The IG-NITE Foundation

Ignite The Light - Spark The Heart
“My mother once advised me that the most meaningful pursuit in life is to utilize my gift and talents for the betterment of those around me. I cherish her words and carry them with me always.”

Michael W. Allison, President & CEO

Our Philanthropic Heart‌

Our philanthropic ethos is ingrained in the foundation of our business since its inception. Our mission is to raise funds and give back to support various local, national, and international causes, focusing on empowering veterans and youth through initiatives in health and wellness, education, entrepreneurship, and overall empowerment.


Established in 2022, The IG-NITE Foundation deepens our investment to change the lives of veterans and youth through programs of our own and strong partnerships with likeminded organizations. With this expansion, we seek to create a lasting impact for years to come.

The IG-NITE Foundation is committed to empowering veterans and youth.

When you lend your support, we can continue to Ignite The Light – Spark The Heart.‌


Make An Impact Today.

By donating to The IG-NITE Foundation Fund, your gift will directly support our philanthropic programs that empower veterans and youth. To learn more, visit www.theadversityacademy.com.

The IG-NITE Foundation Fund is a component fund of several Non-Profit Organizations and Foundations, all 501(c)(3) public charities. The Foundation has exclusive legal control over the assets contributed to funds of the Foundation. No goods or services were provided in consideration of this gift.